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My Approach

As a contemporary therapist who specializes in working with today's young adults, it is necessary that I am current with the many issues  you are facing today - which I am. Establishing a genuine and authentic connection is my first priority. As we build rapport, you will have a person who understands the challenges you might be facing today and will listen, support and encourage you without judgment. 


We will work together collaboratively to help you better understand  your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  From there, I will help you to discover and explore new ways of thinking, identify your strengths and develop new coping strategies which will begin to alleviate some stress, anxiety  and confusion in your life.  In time, you will begin to feel more relaxed, clear and confident as we work together as a team toward a more happier and fulfilled version of you.


 I am invested in your success and am a skilled trained professional who can help you attain your goals.



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